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November 26, 2006



I my self, do not believe you can find love on the internet. I have friends who seek out love through the internet, only to find heartache and disappointments. My advice is get refferences...


Statistically you are about as likely to find love on the internet as often as you do face to face. A lot of people who condemn love on the internet had bad luck with the experience themselves, but about as many people have bad luck with love in face to face encounters.


This is probable Paul. Deception on the net is easier though, it seems.

Mike Daugherty

With great expectations come great disappointment and hurt when it come to mankind. You tend to build up and glorify and set on a pedestal the person you talk to with written words and never see face to face. You can't interpret the inflections of the words. They paint a picture of them selves and you interpret that picture and most of the time enhance it in your mind.


Mike, you hit that nail squarely on the head....but, oh the pain!!! :-(


My ex wife, whom I met face to face, said all the right things and I could hear all of her inflections and assess her attitude et al and 4 years later we went our separate ways ! People have to use their common sense whether they meet someone face-to-face or on the internet.

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