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November 25, 2006



Love is what remains when the veils are taken away.

Mike Daugherty

Love is a person. It is God. love is not a feeling but rather a choice. Too many people mistake it for a feeling and base it on a look or performance and that is why the divorce rate is so high. Looks change and performance may slip. We tend to come down on the arranged marriages of other cultures but they choose to love the person and their divorce rate is very low. Love is a choice just as hate and unforgiveness is a choice. Once you choose feeling will come. To put feeling before the choice is to put the horse before the cart.


Very well stated Mike. I too believe that love is an emotion and that we can choose it or not, however, the flesh is often stronger than reason and we mistake love for whatever.

Mike Daugherty

it's whatever you feed the most that wins. you don't overpower the flesh with reason. You over power the flesh with truth. And the only real truth comes from the Word. It takes spiritual truth to make a choice in the natural world that will over power the flesh.

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