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July 29, 2007



True we have the freedom of speech, though I believe children have or should have the freedom of growing up in security. Not having to fear other adults besides their parents. This is very shaming to our social structure. While others may hate this person, Im going to pray for him.


This isnt just about Jack, its about a large well organized online pedophile movement - have a look at my blog for a quick overview of how these predators are associated - http://fraudarena.wordpress.com/


These people are sick and there are lots of them out there and in neighborhoods where children are at risk !


If Jack can have a pedophiles “how to” locate children guide, in the spirit of free speech, our ultimate "how-to" locate a child lover guide is the counter balance.



May it be the epitome of success!!!

Susie q

I am going through an issue where my husband has become something of a pedophile and I needed some help and input onto what to do. Here is my blog for anyone who is willing to help.



Thank you for sharing this Susie. I hope you get the help you need.


Protect the children forst and foremost! I am an advocate of free speech, but this pedophile makes me ill!


You feeders of destruction will meet your maker one day. It will not be pleasant as your souls rot with your corpses. Those of us who suffered and had our images taken and our lives changed will face you on the otherside. We will rise, while you all who enjoy the misery will wish you could die. You are what you eat. This includes the imagery infecting you through your eyes. Commit HarryCarey and you may be forgiven.


The permanent solution for Sexual Predators and Pedophiles is castration. Better for them and better for society. This is a cost effective and humane solution.

There is no need to keep these people in jail for years. A simple visit to a vet and the problem is solved. As a bonus you never have to worry about them returning to society or living in your neighborhood. Talk about a good deterrent..

Theodore Naguy pedophile defense

Theodore Naguy (Ted) has been identified as a pedophile and the research shows that there is no available poice reports or other evidence to substantiate such allegations.

Theodore Naguy pedophile defense

Ted Theofore Naguy claims that he is innocent of being a pedophile. Cannot find evidence to substantiate that he is.


sick fuckin pedophiles should all die


disgusting these lot i will spread the word on this one


Gary Kaltbaum will not quit radio because he needs to spread his paedophilia message.Gary Kaltbaum is a sick pervert.

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