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September 07, 2007


Gil Magno

I sorrow over this great artist's death.

Listening to him throughout my life gave me the impetus to move forward in my career as a vocal coach. His life has been a great music lesson to me.

His curious combination of human depth, child-like innocence and unpretentiousness brought him to the position of being one of the greatest artists who ever lived; for, since his beginnings, he kept himself in tune with the universal chord of life-love-light that forever embraces all humanity.

Yes, he is gone. But ultimately he won the game of life; for his artistic contributions have won for him a position in the hierarchy of the universe.


Gil, your sorrow is shared by many. Thank you for taking the time to express your feelings for this great man and know that Luciano will never be forgotten, nor replaced.

alfonso ramos

The world lost its greatest singer. Is just such a big lost.

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