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August 18, 2008


Kate Asbury Larkin

My daughter just received a tear cup this morning and I'm so impressed. I want to find these. Hers was in a Coldwater Creek box, but I have no idea if that is where it came from (it's not on their website). VERY thin pottery, but so sweet and precious. What a wonderful gift to give someone who is grieving or going through a tough time. Do you know where you can buy them?


I found one website that has the Tear cup. Here is the Link to that site. http://www.tearcatcher.com/passion.html ....I hope you find what you are seeking. Thank you for visiting my blog and please visit again.

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I attended Catholic school for preschool to the first grade and when one of us would cry the nuns would make us sit in the timeout chair with the tearcup to catch our tears and I never understood why. So I decided to google it today to see if anyone else ever heard of the tear cup. I guess so.

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