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June 03, 2009



Why have the drug companies,and the medical profession,suddenly,got this obsession with cholesterol.I believe it is a neccesity for life,can anyone tell me what my levels of hdl,and ldl should be,i doubt it,one will say this, and one will say that.The only thing i can see,is the profit in it for the drug barons,and the under the counter payments the quacks get for pushing the statins on to the patients with so called levels of high cholesterol.If people ate healthy diets the level of cholesteral would look after itself.


I appreciate your comment Ken and, in some aspects, you may be correct that doctors "push" the choleterol button, perhaps too soon. On the other hand, if people were willing to eat healthier to achieve lower cholesterol levels, they would be doing it and not having it high. I think that many people do not necessarily want to make the changes needed to maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Yup,the fat on beef,lamb or pork does taste good.Does that cause high cholesterol?.Just think back,Thalidamoid,wonder drug,what a joke that was,bet they still made money even after they paid out the compensation.I remember listening to G.W.Bush on ABC news,on the way to reduce the cost of medical insurance,stop sueing the quacks.To me that said it all,they must make one hell of a lot of mistakes,otherwise the cost of insurance to cover their arses would not be so great.I think that is a fact you cannot get away from,i bet the people in congress and the senate get the best docs,paid for out of your hard earned money,you get the ones that are always getting their arses sued off


Very good information Ginger !!


I appreciate you visiting my blog, Mike and thank you for your comments.

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