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January 07, 2009



Great article and very informative. JUst what I need!


Jaded, thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. If this post has helped you in any way at all, then it was worth the effort of posting it.


Great info! Unfortunately depression is being taken too lightly in some (or maybe all) places. I come from Malaysia and in my opinion, Asians need to be more open towards seeking psychiatric help when it comes to depression - something that is being brushed off too easily too often, until it's very serious or too late. Most people still feel embarrassed to see a mental health care professional.

The fact that in cultures that favors men higher than women (yes some cultures are still like that, but mostly the more conservative and older generation), people seemed to always put the blame on women for things such as miscarriages, infertility, etc, doesn't help these women at all. Even when a man is unfaithful, is the wife's fault because she is not being a good enough wife to keep him faithful.

I know a few people who is/was going through depression. Some is coping well with God's help, and others are still suffering from it. Will definitely put a link to this article in my blog.

Once again, great job and more importantly, thx for the effort :)

God Bless


Hi, btw, I'm referring to you as Chasing Rainbows in my blog. Is your name Ginger? If yes, at least I can refer to you as "Ginger of Chasing Rainbows" lol!


Daddy-O, I appreciate your comments and I am glad you found this article informative. Depression can be very debilitating and my hope is that it becomes recognized as a treatable disorder in every culture. Please visit again and yes, my name is Ginger. :)


LOL! Thx for clarifying the name. I was looking all over the site but could not find a name. Maybe I wasn't looking at the right place :). And I just found your subscription link (I know I'm slow). Thx again, Ginger.
Take care and God Bless!!


I don't post my name on my site generally speaking, but I guess it is now, huh? lol Thanks for re-visiting! :)

My daughter, puberty and me.

This is a very interesting and informative post. Continue to post entries like this as it helps a people to get some answers to some questions that have troubling them. Kuddos!

Ginger Esler

Thank you for visiting my blog My daughter, puberty and me. I appreciate your comment and invite you to visit again.

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