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May 16, 2009


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I like this information but how much types of diabetes there are?

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Great post about type 2 diabetes mellitus (formerly called nonĀ­insulin-dependent diabetes) causes abnormal carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism associated with insulin resistance and impaired insulin secretion. Insulin resistance is a major contributor to progression of the disease and to complications of diabetes.

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people with diabetes has a long continuesly growing, and until now there's no definite excellent medication for it.

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true physical inactivity can also lead to diabetes...many patients just hit the diet but do not remedy this...does not help trhe case.

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7.9% of the United States population is suffering from a form of Diabetes. That is over 23 million people! Now, more than ever, it is important for organizations such as yourself. We here, at Disease.com (a site dedicated towards disease and their treatments), believe in the work you do and would like to coincide for the fight against diabetes. If you could, please list us as a resource or host our social book mark button, it would be much appreciated. Separately, we can make advancements, but together we can find a cure.
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Viagra was initially developed to treat heart disease (angina) and the erection increasing effects came into the light during research trials. The drug was patented in 1996, approved by the FDA two year later on March 27, 1998 (becoming the first pill in the United States approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction)


I can say it's a lifestyle disease sometimes.

Sam Nisbett

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Great post . Also great comments.

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I've never seen anything like it any other place I have lived, and it is sad to witness in my home town.


It doesn't matter is the rainbow is on a poem, a cake , a draw in the wall, in our hair , in the sky or in any other place is always beautiful to see all those colors.


Unfortunately this awful disease makes people to change their way of life((

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